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facebook-iconSaturday February 8, 2014 • 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM • Westminister Chapel • Bellevue, WA View Map


Sexual integrity is one of the greatest challenges men face today. Christian men are not immune from the relentless stream of sexual temptation that surrounds them daily. The challenge is even greater for our young people who are growing up in today's sexualized world. While it’s impossible to avoid sexual temptations, it is possible to manage them. Higher Ground can help!

This one-day conference, featuring powerful keynote speakers and multiple breakout seminars led by excellent  teachers, will provide men of all ages and teens (age 13 and older) with practical tools, resources and encouragement to help them lead lives of sexual integrity and honor in the face of sexual temptation and destructive messages that bombard them daily.

Who Should Attend:  Men from all denominations, married men, singles, fathers and sons (age 13 and older) and church/ministry leaders.

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Jon Kitna and the Covenant Team return to share next steps in your journey to becoming a REAL man!


jonkitna seahawksgame

Jon Kitna, former NFL quarterback, played 16 years of professional football for the Seahawks, Bengals, Lions and Cowboys. Being in the NFL spotlight, Jon found himself surrounded daily by sexual temptation. He recognized that being a "lone ranger Christian" was a set-up for failure and, in order to win the battle for sexual integrity, he needed other men to walk alongside him. Jon reached out to some friends - Godlymen - Eric Boles  (former NFL player with the Jets and Green Bay Packers) and Sean McKay (a successful businessman) whose relationship throughout the years has extended far beyond touching base occassionally and holding each other accountable. They are intimately involved in each others' lives, sharing everything with one another with total honesty, and helping one another win the battle for sexual integrity.

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 R.E.A.L. Legacy - Cycle Breaking and Strengthening

Jon Kitna, Eric Boles and Sean McKay don't just "talk the talk," they "walk the talk" - leading with purity, character, and integrity in their homes and communities. They will share how the deep spiritual friendships they have built with one another has extended to building a powerful relationship and bond with God, their wife, sons, daughters, and friends.

Their message, and more than a dozen break-out seminars that will be offered, will challenge and inspire fathers and sons (age 13 and older), and men of all ages to: 

  • Take "winning the battle for sexual integrity" to the next level
  • Build a spiritual legacy of character and integrity that will transform your family
  • Develop real and meaningful connections amongst a community of men walking the same journey


dave browning

Dave Browing is the Lead Pastor of Christ the King Community Church, a multi-location church with a culture of recovery that emanated from Dave's personal story of brokenness.  Dave grew up in a traditional, conservative church where he became expert at "impression management."  His first pastorate ended in devastation when an affair came to light.  Dave says, "Having the mask ripped off was simultaneously the worst thing that ever happened to me, and the best thing that ever happened to me."  Dave has devoted his life to creating communities of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.




The Friendship Factor - Why You Won't Be The Lone Survivor

Many men are fighting sexual temptation alone – all alone. Dave Browning knows from personal experience that fighting temptation by yourself (even with God involved) is a recipe for disaster. Dave will share why God says you can't succeed without letting friends know you need help.


Breakout Seminars: In addition to bringing back some of the most popular speakers and topics from the 2013 conference, we will be introducing NEW speakers and topics that will help men and teens take the next steps in winning the battle for sexual integrity. Higher Ground will feature multiple breakout seminars for married men, singles, teens, fathers and sons (age 13-19, and church/ministry leaders.

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Pricing starts at $34 for church groups, with special discounts for students, dads/teens attending together, and active duty military. Price includes lunch. See our registration page for more information. 

Saturday February 8, 2014 • 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM 



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