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Who: Adult men who desire healing and recovery from unwanted sexual behaviors

What: Online weekly web-based Christian 12-step recovery meeting

When: Every Saturday morning 7:00am-8:15am Pacific Daylight Time (Seattle)

Where: Online via Cisco WebEx by invitation only

Prodigals International now offers an online men’s recovery support group called Prodigals Online Homecoming Meeting.  This unique weekly online meeting offers the same fellowship, worship, teaching and accountability that our weekly in-person meetings offer, but provides a convenient way for individuals to participate in our intensive program from across the United States and Canada. Our goal with Prodigals Online is to make our unique program available to men who desire healing and restoration in their lives.  

Homecoming is a weekly Christian 12-step meeting for men who struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors including pornography, masturbation, infidelity and other sexually destructive behaviors that have hurt loved ones and created a separation from God and their Christian walk. Participation requires that individuals make a formal commitment to the weekly meeting and agree to the strict practice of anonymity and confidentiality. This online meeting allows the attendee to participate using video, audio only or dialing in using a phone. We do not ask attendees to share their last name or anything that would identify them. Sessions are not recorded or archived and we do not keep records of who attended.  We ask every man that wants to participate to sign a formal letter of confidentiality and anonymity to protect all who participate. This is essential for our online meeting community to feel safe and secure.

If you would like more information about participating in our online weekly meeting and the Prodigals International recovery program, please fill out the form below. Information shared is completely confidential and is not shared with anyone other than the leader(s) of the meeting. We will contact you to setup a review of your inquiry and provide you our confidential login information once you have agreed to participate.

We look forward to joining you on your Homecoming journey of recovery!

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