Homecoming Group

What is a Prodigals Homecoming Group?

iStock_000003497336SmallAs a Christian, are you experiencing confusion and grief while struggling with compulsive and obsessive behavior around sex and love addiction issues such as pornography, affairs, internet sites, chat rooms, etc.? If you’ve been looking for help and want to change, we offer a 12-step group that acknowledges Jesus Christ as our personal, loving, and forgiving higher power. Some of us are on a powerful journey of growth through working the Steps and studying God’s Word. We believe God works on our character and restores our relationship with Him and others as we do our part in the process.
Though the idea of sex and love addiction is new to many, sex and emotional romantic encounters are increasingly recognized as addictions people turn to in order to reduce isolation, compensate for lack of emotion and tension, resolve conflict, gain power, provide escape, or supply false emotional and spiritual security. Many of us saw that regardless of how, why or when it began, there came a time when we were acting against our will. Only when we tried stopping did we see we were addicted to lust, sex, and/or co-addictive dependency relationships. We were sex and love addicts.
Our purpose at HOMECOMING is to share how the 12-step program was instrumental in our recovery when nothing else worked.iStock_000007172693XSmall Through God’s help and the support of others, we stayed sexually sober and withdrew from obsessive intrigue with others, one day at a time. By sharing our experience, strength, and hope with each other, and by working the Steps and applying their Biblical principles, we grew stronger and discovered a way of living that transformed us from the inside out. Becoming willing to accept God’s grace and forgiveness, we began to solve life’s problems by dealing with our fears, resentments, and character defects. In righting our wrongs we found a new freedom and happiness resulting in peace, serenity, and a joy we had never known. Most importantly, we found what no other substitute offered. We found a real connection with God and others. We were home.
We are dedicated to confidentiality. We guard the anonymity of all who participate.