For Churches & Pastors


There’s a tsunami of human pain crashing across America and the church. 

The name of this tidal wave is sexual addiction. Its casualties include families in your community and your congregation. But there is good news. We can prepare for this wave by creating islands of hope — safe places where God can heal individuals and restore marriages.

But we must take action now. The only alternative is to sit in the path of the wave and hope for the best.

Article: Clergy Sexual Misconduct

The Problem

The Result

 Thousands of Christian marriages damaged!


The Solution

The Prodigals International Men's sexual addiction recovery program has four primary elements:


For the addict:

Homecoming Program.   A weekly, Christ-centered 12 Step meeting. The meeting includes praise and worship, Scripture readings, a teaching, video clips, and personal sharing.

Mentoring. Recovered addicts lead newcomers in an intensive one-on-one process that lasts nine to twelve months. Mentees read a number of books, complete weekly written exercises corresponding to each of the 12 Steps, make daily accountability telephone calls, and meet with their mentor for an hour, outside the Homecoming meeting.

Mentoring is a spiritual process in which the mentee surrenders to Christ in a new and deeper way, makes a thorough “moral inventory” of his life, makes restitution to all those he’s harmed, and begins allowing God to transform his accumulated character defects.
When they begin the program, all mentees are asked to agree to mentor other newcomers after they have completed their year-long recovery journey through the 12 Steps. This self-perpetuating leadership development element is the backbone of the program. 

Counseling for the Addict. Though not a required part of our Prodigals program, we strongly encourage all those participating in our 12 Step program to simultaneously work with a professional Christian counselor on the underlying issues that may be fueling the addiction, especially family of origin issues.

For a church just beginning a Prodigals ministry the key elements to initially put in place are: one-on-one mentoring and the weekly Homecoming meeting. Personal counseling can be referred out to qualified local Christian counselors.


For the wife of the addict:

Partners in Process Program. A weekly, Christ-centered 12 Step meeting held for wives of sex addicts. The wives must meet separately from the men.

Homecoming meetings and Partners In Process meetings are independent of Prodigals International and are entirely lay-led.