Recommended Reading

Here are some books that we at Prodigals International have found helpful for the wife's journey of healing.


altalt  An excellent study on the book of Joel as it relates to the feelings a woman goes through after experiencing the locusts eating through her life as she knows it.


 altaltWorkbook for 12 Step group for wives of sex addicts. Good for individual or group.


altaltThis book is written by a woman who struggled with her own husband's infidelity and describes clearly the pain that a wife experiences.


altaltA follow up book to An Affair of the Mind this book provides help for those whose marriages don’t measure up to Ward and June Cleaver.


altalt The classic on how to disengage from your spouse’s addiction and walk your own path toward health.


altaltDr. Black helps women to navigate the pain. She outlines how to hold clear boundaries and how to find clarity, direction and their voice. You will learn to honor yourself and walk through your pain with integrity and honor.


altaltMeg writes with honesty and openness from one who has “been there.” She understands the pain of sexual betrayal and how to heal.


altaltThis is a well-written workbook to help you grow from the pain of your husband’s sexual addiction.


altaltGuidebook for wives of sex addicts, from the “crazy time” after disclosure, through grieving, facing your own issues, and the rebirth of trust. Marsha will walk you through a confrontation of your partner through this book. Written by someone who has lived through the addiction. Includes Guide for Weekly Support Group Meeting.


altaltThe founder of Focus on the Family explains the biblical basis for the wife of a sexually-addicted man “drawing a line in the sand” regarding the husband’s addictive behavior.


altaltSeveral authors contributed to the chapters of this book. This is a guide for those effected by another’s sexual betrayal, whether through pornography use or infidelity. An easy to read book by many experts. This is a book that you can easily pick a chapter and read through it. It is written in a way that you don’t need to read it cover to cover.


altalt Another great book written by a wife whose husband struggled with sex addiction. This book includes a chapter by her husband and one by her children explaining what they went through.


altaltThis excellent resource is written by one who has experienced the painful betrayal of a husband’s infidelity. While the incredible pain is acknowledge, Debra shares how to not live as the victim. Whether or not your husband seeks recovery, there is exponential growth waiting for the wife who does the hard work of changing herself. 


altaltA daily devotional based chronologically on the 12 Steps. Inspiring meditations help us along our way to lead healthier, more productive lives.


altaltPatti’s story of public betrayal of infidelity is an easy read by a wonderful storyteller. She weaves glimpses of the hope that await those of us who have chosen recovery rather than staying a victim.


altaltAuthors illustrate from lives of several women what the dynamics of sexual co-addiction look like, and how to move toward health; helpful description of a variety of 12 Step group resources.


altaltDr. Laaser describes sex addiction and the family of origin issues that often preceed the addiction.


altaltExcellent, in-depth approach to understanding the issues underneath sexual addiction; includes chapters on “The Recovering Marriage” and on children.


altaltClassic text on sexual addiction from the most-recognized expert in the U.S. on the subject.