Starting a Sexual Addiction Ministry

Steps for Establishing a Sexual Addiction Ministry 

Six key principles in establishing a church-based, sexual addiction recovery ministry, including qualifications for lay leaders.Prodigals ministry can equip you to start an effective church ministry to men and wives around the issue of sexual addition

It is a cliché' of cosmic proportions to say that the church is surrounded by a sexually saturated society. As Christian therapist Doug Weiss has said, within the space of one generation in America, we've moved from Leave It To Beaver to Sex in the City.

Unfortunately, this ground swell of immorality and human pain has swept through the church as well. Multiple surveys in recent years have indicated that between a fourth and fifth of all Christian men have had an extramarital affair, and that between half and two-thirds of Christian men may have some level of involvement with pornography. The accessibility and anonymity of Internet porn is only accelerating this tragic epidemic in the church.

The heartbeat of our mission at Prodigals International is to help empower churches all across the country, and around the world, to start sexual addiction recovery ministries. These will be safe places where fallen brothers and sisters, and their families, can find healing and restoration.

One thing is certain. This tidal wave of pain will only get bigger in the years ahead. We can't afford to wait to establish these outposts of healing throughout the Christian community.

Since 2000 Prodigals International has had the privilege of working with many recovering sex addicts and their families. Our primary ministry strategy centers around Christ-centered, church-based support groups for addicts and for wives. During this time we've worked with a number of churches from a variety of denominations. From this process has emerged a handful of ministry principles we have found to be critical to the success of a church-based, sexual addiction recovery ministry.

Six Key Principles for Establishing a Sexual Addiction Recovery Ministry:

1. Pastoral Support

2. Dedicated Recovery Group

3. Separate Groups for Men and Women

4. Spouse Support Group

5. Leadership

6. Anonymity and Confidentiality