Things You Can Do

Things You Can Do Right Now!


√  For Those Struggling with Lust/Pornography (PDF)

√ 12-step and Related Scripture (PDF)

Install Internet Accountability/Filter software

√  Covenant Eyes

Learn about the recovery process

√  The Recovery Process (PDF)

Journal/Do some writing/Homework

√  Prodigals International Step Zero (PDF)

Talk to someone

√  Finding an accountability partner

√  What is a sponsor/mentor

√  Contact Prodigals International

Take an assessment

√  Sexual Addiction Checklist For Men

√  Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST)

√  Partner Sexuality Survey

Listen to one of our Podcasts

√  Prodigals International Overview

√  Prodigals International Partners In Process

√  All Podcasts

Read recovery literature

√  Recommended Reading for Men

√  Recommended Reading for Women/Partners

Visit an accountability/recovery group

√  Learn about 12-step groups

√  Prodigals International

√  Pure Desire

√  Every Man’s Battle

√  Celebrate Recovery

√  Sexaholics Anonymous (secular)

√  Sex Addicts Anonymous (secular)

Find a Counselor that specializes in sexual addiction/compulsivity

√  Prodigals International Counseling – Pacific Northwest

√  Group Therapy – Pacific Northwest

√  IITAP (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist’s) - National

√  Counseling Washington - Washington State

√  Christian Counselors

Online Resources

√  Pure Life Alliance

√  Be Broken

√  Pure Intimacy

√  Christian Network Forum for Sexual Health